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One key component that made an immense difference in my life was practicing my spiritual practice with consistency and focus. It does NOT require long periods of meditation or prayer. It is the willingness to keep an open heart, and to invite and visualize Divine Spirit pouring into your crown chakra, through your heart and into your body. Conscious prayer first thing in the morning and when needed throughout the day and before sleeping.

You can use the following examples or your own. The key is daily and with intention(heart).

Conscious Prayer

Our thoughts are prayers. Therefore, using our thoughts consciously and with focus is very powerful.

Praying to our highest consciousness, as in God, Father Mother God, Holy Spirit, Divine Love, Divine Peace, Divine Spirit, Spirit, Source or Universe. They are all interchangeable use whichever you feel comfortable with and the one that speaks to the highest of your being as we are from Divine Source.

Take a few deep breaths while picturing light pouring into your crown chakra and into your heart. You can even put your hands on your heart and recite with loving intention the following prayer.

Daily morning prayer (from Michael Mirdad’s book Healing the Heart and Soul)

I make no decision with my ego today.

I surrender all decisions I have made outside the love of [God].

I surrender my opinions of all experiences and remain open to being guided by the [Holy Spirit of God] as to how to see, interpret and experience all things.

I deny the effects of all decisions I previously have made without [God]. I deny their effects on this day, on my life and on the world. With these causes gone there can be no effects from these causes.

I now choose to make all my decisions with [God].

I allow the [Holy Spirit of God] to be my teacher, guide and healer and to help me to choose the TRUTH about who I AM and what I deserve in my life.

Now, I accept all the wonderful gifts that come to those who surrender each day to [God]. These gifts include experiencing healed, holy relationships, as well as the fulfilment of my external needs.

And so, it is!

Throughout the day as needed any of these prayers

  1. Be with me in this moment, I am feeling overwhelmed, scared, frustrated etc. I surrender this to you and I ask that you show me how to see this differently.
  2. Be with me! Thank you for your loving presence.
  3. Allow me to see the light in this situation.
  4. Into your loving hands, I surrender this.
  5. Help me! I need your loving guidance. Thank you!
  6. I call Peace into my heart and Soul.
  7. I call in Peace into this situation.
  8. I surrender to your guidance.
  9. Teach me how to be more loving and forgiving in this moment.

Before sleeping

I rest in [God] and I dedicate this sleep to divine inspiration and healing.

There are many prayers, these are my favorites to keep a deep connection, consistently on daily basis.

Blessings, have a God day!

 Monique Thebeau

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